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Exakt Advanced Technologies

Application areas of EXAKT Three Roll Mills

EXAKT Three Roll Mills are manufactured to the highest standard. We also take pride in the great variety of applications and uses that they offer. EXAKT dispersion systems are currently in use in laboratories, as well as  in research and development departments. Additionally, our machines are also important components in the production and quality control of various foods or lifestyle products.

Functional Materials


>>Functional diversity through processing<<

Whether precision greases or precision oils, bonded coatings for high temperatures, specific hygiene requirements or highly stressed machine elements – the innovative high-performance or special lubricants are ideal for a wide variety of tasks at the highest level. Your development and production demands highly developed process technology. EXAKT Precision Three Roll Mills have been established in the manufacture of innovative lubricants for many years throughout the world.


>>Functional Diversity<<

Two-component adhesives for industry, conductive adhesives for electronic components or special adhesives or composite materials – highly specialized bonding technologies play a decisive role today in many manufacturing processes, such as for components in electronics or microelectronics, in aviation and aerospace, and the automobile and print industry. With their specific production processes, EXAKT Three Roll Mills achieve top results in all areas. They meet the high requirements of well known users from research and development.

Elastomers & Resins

>>Verifiably Better Stability<<

The Three Roll Mills from EXAKT achieve an outstanding quality of dispersions in the development and production of adhesives and resins. More efficient properties of materials are achieved due to the controlled shearing, such as plastic or elastic deformability, electrical conductivity, resistance or strength, e.g. with CFK (Pre-Preg). Narrow particle size distribution in the matrix ensures significantly higher fracture strength and performance of complex components in aviation and aerospace – a study at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg has proven this. 

Sealants & Silicones

>>Fulfills specific tasks<<

Whether in aviation and aerospace, in the field of renewable energies or in medicine – quite different sealing solutions are required depending on the application, which must be precisely matched to the various tasks. That's exactly what the processing of the EXAKT Three Roll Mills is aimed at. Our technological systems specifically refine silicone pastes, silicone oils and silicone elastomers, for example. They are used as insulators in electronic components or as aids in assembly, for instance. EXAKT Three Roll Mills have also been proven in the processing of pyrogenic silicon dioxide and carbon nanotubes.

Nanotubes & Graphene

>>Moving forward technologies of the future<<

Nanocarbons, especially carbon nanotubes or graphene, are the basis of a variety of new materials and products, e.g. for modern lightweight construction, for solar cells based on fullerenes, or flame arresters in foams. EXAKT Three Roll Mills are crucially important in the research, development and production of this versatile material group. They enable high-precision dispersion down to the nano range with a defined, targeted and careful energy input.


>>Reliable Process Technologies<<

High wear resistance, optical properties and optimal processing in the dental practice – for the processing of dental pastes for prophylaxis, therapy and prosthetics, EXAKT Three Roll Mills ensure reliable, safe processing of a wide range of dental applications.  The production processes are validated, reproducible and have been proven in GMP and other certification processes. EXAKT Three Roll Mills are well established for impression materials, ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns, root fillings or contact films. The same also applies to dental composites and preparations with ZrO2, SiO2, glass and other inorganic particles.

Sensors & Electronics

Printed Electronics

>>Tremendously Adaptable<<  

Applications of printed electronics are extremely diverse – e.g. in fields such as automotive, consumer electronics, textiles or alternative energy solutions. Dispersion is a prerequisite for printing metallic and ceramic particles. It seperates particle agglomerates and enables the wetting of the primary products in a single process step. EXAKT Precision Three Roll Mills are used successfully for medium to high viscosity pastes or master batches which can be specifically diluted to become low viscosity inks if necessary. The result is a highly functional paste which adapts to the function of the component, the substrate and the printing process, whether in screen printing or inkjet printing.

Electronic Components

>>Decisive to function<<

Complex hybrid systems, such as metal pastes, polymer pastes or solder pastes, are the basis of electronics. These suspensions are crucial for the function of electronic components. They contact or attach components or modules to printed circuit boards, such as multilayer systems and multilayer boards, for example. Suspensions also protect parts and components, e.g. by pouring in silicones and epoxy resins, or are used for so-called encapsulation or packaging. Outstanding results are achieved in all fields with EXAKT Three Roll Mills in the manufacture of a wide range of suspensions.

Solar Cells

>>Indispensable Photovoltaics <<

In the production of conductive silver, aluminum, and copper pastes, as well as other precious metal pastes, EXAKT Three Roll Mills in particular have long been accepted in conventional photovoltaics. Primary particles are not damaged, and flaking or dry trituration of the metal particles does not occur. EXAKT Three Roll Mills also make a significant contribution in the processing of titanium dioxide in dye solar cells, the so-called »dye-sensitized« solar cell. A transparent coating is achieved here. 

Optical Properties

>>Solutions for the future<<

The high processing quality of the EXAKT Three Roll Mills advances the development of future technologies significantly. EXAKT Three Roll Mills achieve excellent results in the production of pastes with optical properties, such as phosphorus pastes for LED production or OLED lighting technology, where very specific requirements are achieved. They are also suitable for an ITO or ITO substitutes for transparent, conductive coatings on flexible substrates, such as plastic films for touchscreens.

Batteries, Fuel Cells, Capacitors

>>Technologies for Energy<<

Specific demands are placed on the processing of slurry for the battery industry and the production of suspensions with carbons for fuel cells and capacitors.

The decisive factor is absolute purity. Contaminants – such as metal and cross contaminations – are avoided with the EXAKT Three Roll Mill. In addition to the formulation, the processing must be adjusted primarily to the morphology, size and structure of the particles. EXAKT Three Roll Mills achieve impressive results, which have already proven themselves in the development of lithium-sulphur batteries and solid oxide fuel cells.

Displays & Flexible Electronics

>>Paving the way for Technical Progress<<

Organic and printed electronics are an integral part of consumer electronics today. The flexible OLED polymer pastes for touch panels or e-paper are the focus of current developments. The high-precision EXAKT Three Roll Mills make a significant contribution to technical progress. They master all the challenges of processing demanding materials such as graphenes, CNTs, carbon nanotubes, for example, in transparent conductive layers as an ITO substitute.

Paints & Coatings

>>Colours with a defined objective<<

The current demands on paints and lacquers are complex – whether it is a question of functional structure or optimum color strength, flow properties or a defined particle fineness. Tailored to their function, the carrier material, the printing process or the further processing of master batches, paints and lacquers must be developed with a specific objective. EXAKT Three Roll Mills guarantee their users optimum process control and reliable reproducibility of the results. This applies, for example, to glass and ceramic paints, printing inks, UV inks or artists' colors as well as for electrically conductive thermoplastic or di-electric colors. 


>>Highly specific in use<

EXAKT Three Roll Mills are flexible in use and fulfill a variety of requirements and product characteristics.
In Thick-film technologies for instance, where it is used for sensor paste or for potentiometers. It also proves of value with Getter materials for closed components in electronics or semiconductor manufacturing.
Especially in production, EXAKT Three Roll Mills are characterized by absolute reproducibility and stable processes with unique manufacturing parameters. Key conditions for the evaluation and certification in quality management, SOP or GMP.


Chocolate & Fillings

>>Tasty Precision<<

Refining: With the micron precision of our EXAKT Three Roll Refiner it is easy to achieve reproducible particle sizes and aromas in the production of chocolate and fillings. Convince yourself of the versatility of our systems, the low space requirements in comparison to 5-roll mills and the extremely simple and user friendly operation.

Whether in the lab or in production, individual formulations and recipes of highest quality are easily produced with EXAKT

Our partner:     DataSweet Online GmbH


>>Developing new taste experiences<<

Whether it's the fillings of chocolates, chocolate, nut and almond creams, or in the development of formulations with colors and flavorings for food and drinks – fine and homogeneous processing of the ingredients has a decisive influence on the development of flavors, the taste experience and the qualitative perception of products. Besides quality, EXAKT Three Roll Mills stand for stable and controlled production with minimal labor and cleaning costs. High material purity and an efficient production volume are achieved by processing with ceramic rollers. They are also used in quality assurance in a wide range of products, fat-based masses or fillings. In conjunction with new ideas, EXAKT Three Roll Mills contribute significantly to product development.


Structural Ceramics

>>Stable & Wear-Resistant<<

Users from the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace, electronics or dental prosthetics place high demands on components made from structural and industrial ceramics. Hardness, corrosion resistance and thermal stability at low specific weight play a decisive role. Made of medium to high viscosity pastes with a high degree of filling and adapted to the low tolerances in the shrinkage of green ceramics during firing, they must be highly efficient and robust. The specific and high performance processing on EXAKT Three Roll Mills makes a crucial contribution to this.

Functional Ceramics

>>Key role for the Hightech Industries<<

The microstructure is critical. Depending on its properties, it affects mechanical and physical characteristics of ceramic materials and their respective functions. Their electrically insulating, magnetic, heat-resistant, dielectric, semiconducting or superconducting properties are, for example, used for the production of functional ceramics in the electrical industry. Ceramic materials such as piezoelectric ceramics, ceramic foils, filter ceramics or ceramic coatings are key materials for the high-tech industry. EXAKT Three Roll Mills make a key contribution here which users can count on at all times.


Decorative Cosmetics

>>Brilliant Results<<

When it comes to color brilliance, color effects and high color intensity, EXAKT Three Roll Mills offer significant advantages. For example, the primary particles are not damaged during the processing of metallic and effect pigments. Optimal process control and reproducible quality are a matter of course with EXAKT Three Roll Mills. They satisfy the strictest guidelines for quality assurance and are therefore GMP and ISO auditable. Major companies and brands benefit from EXAKT Three Roll Mills in the production of lipsticks, eyeliners, foundations and nail polishes.


>>Ointments as they should be<< 

EXAKT Three Roll Mills and Ointment Mills produce an excellent, homogeneous distribution of active ingredients at low temperatures during processing and in the implementation of recipes and formulations in dispensaries and compounding pharmacies. With more than 20,000 units on the market, for decades they have been the benchmark for quality in the production of suspension ointments and emulsions – reproducible and reliable. Active ingredient finenesses in the micrometer range enable high bio-availability and efficacy. Thus they meet pharmaceutical requirements in every respect. The quick and easy operation and cleaning of EXAKT Three Roll Mills comply with the working requirements of pharmacies.

Smart dispersion with EXAKT Three Roll Mill
Three Roll Mill for chocolate production