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Exakt Advanced Technologies

Sensors & Electonics

Printed Electronics

>>Tremendously adaptable<<  

Applications of printed electronics are extremely diverse – e.g. in fields such as automotive, consumer electronics, textiles or alternative energy solutions. Dispersion is a prerequisite for printing metallic and ceramic particles. It seperates particle agglomerates and enables the wetting of the primary products in a single process step. EXAKT Precision Three Roll Mills are used successfully for medium to high viscosity pastes or master batches which can be specifically diluted to become low viscosity inks if necessary. The result is a highly functional paste which adapts to the function of the component, the substrate and the printing process, whether in screen printing or inkjet printing.

Solar cells

>>Indispensable Photovoltaics <<

In the production of conductive silver, aluminum, and copper pastes, as well as other precious metal pastes, EXAKT Three Roll Mills in particular have long been accepted in conventional photovoltaics. Primary particles are not damaged, and flaking or dry trituration of the metal particles does not occur. EXAKT Three Roll Mills also make a significant contribution in the processing of titanium dioxide in dye solar cells, the so-called »dye-sensitized« solar cell. A transparent coating is achieved here. 

Electronic components

>>Decisive to function<<

Complex hybrid systems, such as metal pastes, polymer pastes or solder pastes, are the basis of electronics. These suspensions are crucial for the function of electronic components. They contact or attach components or modules to printed circuit boards, such as multilayer systems and multilayer boards, for example. Suspensions also protect parts and components, e.g. by pouring in silicones and epoxy resins, or are used for so-called encapsulation or packaging. Outstanding results are achieved in all fields with EXAKT Three Roll Mills in the manufacture of a wide range of suspensions.

Batteries, fuel cells, capacitors

>>Technologies for Energy<<

Specific demands are placed on the processing of slurry for the battery industry and the production of suspensions with carbons for fuel cells and capacitors.

The decisive factor is absolute purity. Contaminants – such as metal and cross contaminations – are avoided with the EXAKT Three Roll Mill. In addition to the formulation, the processing must be adjusted primarily to the morphology, size and structure of the particles. EXAKT Three Roll Mills achieve impressive results, which have already proven themselves in the development of lithium-sulphur batteries and solid oxide fuel cells.

Optical properties

>>Solutions for the future<<

The high processing quality of the EXAKT Three Roll Mills advances the development of future technologies significantly. EXAKT Three Roll Mills achieve excellent results in the production of pastes with optical properties, such as phosphorus pastes for LED production or OLED lighting technology, where very specific requirements are achieved. They are also suitable for an ITO or ITO substitutes for transparent, conductive coatings on flexible substrates, such as plastic films for touchscreens.

Displays & flexible electronics

>>Wegbereiter für technischen Fortschritt<<

Insbesondere durch ihre Displays ist die organische und gedruckte Elektronik heute unter anderem ein elementarer Bestandteil der Unterhaltungselektronik. Dabei stehen die Technologien wie bspw. flexible OLED,  Polymerpasten für Touchpanels oder E-Paper im Fokus aktueller Entwicklungen. Die hochpräzisen EXAKT Dreiwalzwerke leisten einen entscheidenden Beitrag zum technischen Fortschritt. Sie meistern alle Herausforderungen in der Verarbeitung von anspruchsvollen Materialien wie Graphenen, Carbon Nanotubes, z.B. in transparent leitfähigen Schichten als ITO-Ersatz.