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Exakt Advanced Technologies

Gentle cutting & grinding for a perfect sample preparation

The EXAKT cutting and grinding technology, with its roots in research, has been indispensable in a wide variety of applications.

Applications are as diverse as they are unique and our systems are in regular, daily use across the world - in veterinary medicine, implant research, or in pathology departments of hospitals.

Discover the wide range of applications for our systems and the precision of our technology. You may find applications that seemed unattainable until now.

EXAKT thin sectioning technology for histology

In medicine, the high-precision EXAKT thin section cutting system is used for the preparation of histological preparations, so-called thin sections, with a thickness down to 10 µm. Bone samples do not require decalcification retaining their cell information and morphology.

The method of Thin Section Cutting Technology is particularly important in studying interfaces of implant/bone, bone/cartilage etc. since those are prepared preserving their structure. Thus, they can be used for light microscopy techniques immediately. 


The system is used in the research and development of implants, stents, cardiac catheters, in oral pathology, dentistry, orthopaedics, veterinary medicine or immunohistochemistry, among other fields. It was developed in collaboration with Prof. Donath, Institute for Pathology at the University of Hamburg in 1987 and since then has proven itself to be unparalleled.

EXAKT for pathology, anatomy & veterinary medicine

Precise - Safe - Ergonomic - Sanitary

The EXAKT 302 and EXAKT 312 diamond band saws meet all of the above and the specific requirements in pathology and anatomy. Our saws make the thinnest cuts down to 1mm possible - free hand without the danger of harm to the operator. 

Soft tissue, bones or implants in bone-tissue composite - all this can be cut effortlessly, fast and safely. The quality of the cutting surface is exemplary so that the user can generally asses the section immediately without any additional processing of the sample.