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Exakt Advanced Technologies

The µ is decisive

At EXAKT we take pride in our performance principles: absolute precision, a passion for technology and an innovative spirit.
Our maximum commitment to the development of our Three Roll Mills, Ointment Mills and Thin Section Cutting Technology leads to the best possible solutions in making our technologies work precisely in the micrometer range.

At EXAKT, we understand that every µ counts in the preparation of suspensions and the cutting and grinding of the thinnest test samples. We believe, this is the »subtle difference« needed in making our customers successful and giving us the edge over competitors in all markets around the world.

Our experts continually work on improving the performance of our machines with the highest quality standards in mind, and in close cooperation with top universities and research institutions. 

Our approach allows us to meet the demanding requirements of our customers, and continually underlines our strong reputation. We are proud of setting the finest standards, which are always traceable and reproducible.

Top quality »Made in Germany« has been manufactured in our factory in Norderstedt near Hamburg for more than 70 years. From our two plants we export EXAKT technologies internationally and today our machines can be found in more than 80 countries around the globe. Their first-class precision, reliability and robust longevity pay off for every user from the get-go.

Inspiring results

The user matters most. Professional engineers, process engineers, scientists, as well as laboratory and production staff alike require the following:

  • a high and reproducible quality of their products and processes
  • a safe, simple and user-friendly operation of our systems

And precisely these requirements are perfectly met by the high-performance precision engineering of EXAKT. With our many years of experience, we strive for perfection in every detail because the results are plain to see – results that never fail to impress our customers. A sound basis for ensuring a competitive edge. For us and for our customers.

>>Precision<< matters.

The best possible results for our customers – that is our focus. The world is changing ever faster and efficient processes and products are a key factor in succeeding. EXAKT does not revolve around its machines, but focuses on the perfect results for our customers. In many areas of research and production, our machines play a decisive role in achieving increased competitiveness and long-term growth across the entire value chain. We are fascinated by the many possibilities technology can provide, so we constantly strive to further optimise our systems.