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Exakt Advanced Technologies

Technical ceramics

Structural ceramics

>>Stable & Wear-Resistant<<

Users from the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace, electronics or dental prosthetics place high demands on components made from structural and industrial ceramics. Hardness, corrosion resistance and thermal stability at low specific weight play a decisive role. Made of medium to high viscosity pastes with a high degree of filling and adapted to the low tolerances in the shrinkage of green ceramics during firing, they must be highly efficient and robust. The specific and high performance processing on EXAKT Three Roll Mills makes a crucial contribution to this.

Functional ceramics

>>Key role for the Hightech Industries<<

The microstructure is critical. Depending on its properties, it affects mechanical and physical characteristics of ceramic materials and their respective functions. Their electrically insulating, magnetic, heat-resistant, dielectric, semiconducting or superconducting properties are, for example, used for the production of functional ceramics in the electrical industry. Ceramic materials such as piezoelectric ceramics, ceramic foils, filter ceramics or ceramic coatings are key materials for the high-tech industry. EXAKT Three Roll Mills make a key contribution here which users can count on at all times.