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Exakt Advanced Technologies

Smart dispersion with EXAKT

Applications require ever evolving and new formulations of high-quality pastes, coatings, and inks to meet quickly advancing market needs.

Regardless of the desired functional needs of the specific formulation its development requires managing rheological characteristics of the suspension, its viscosity range, and the stability of the oversized particles the right way. Any one of our EXAKT Three Roll Mills conserve the important primary particle characteristics and can process pastes with a wide range of viscosities by using a defined, controllable and reproduceable energy input.

However, monitoring and measuring the elimination of oversized particles of a defined size and a narrow particle size distribution can often be problematic and time-consuming in daily practice. EXAKT has tackled this issue for you with its specifically designed E-LINE three roll mills.


Monitoring and analysing the dispersion process in real-time allows you to immediately react and adjust machine settings to optimize results saving you time and product. Machine settings, various temperatures, and force: all process relevant parameters are displayed and recorded for comprehensive process documentation and reporting.

Analyse & react at all times to:

  • evaluate status of particle de-agglomeration
  • optimise dispersion process parameters
  • test product homogeneity

Follow the data to:

  • understand line pressure (N/mm)
  • set temperatures, gap sizes, speed
  • decide on machine set-up parameter

Reproduce your results by:

  • setting and recording digital parameters
  • processing your product consistently
  • easily operating the machine

Those precisely controllable dispersing parameters in combination with the outstanding processing quality - down to the micron - are decisive for excellent formulation development and results.  Additionally, the reliable data makes it easy to reproduce and scale-up from lab to production across applications and industries.


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