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Exakt Advanced Technologies

Maximum control for precise cuts.

While our clients’ industries and businesses are as diverse as they can be, they all share the most important requirements:



avoids cutting loss


guarantees consistent quality and results

High Surface Quality

minimises additional grinding

User-Friendliness & Safety

allows for an efficient workflow


EXAKT 300CP new operating unit
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User-friendly display

Easier to operate, intuitive operator user interface.

EXAKT 300CP new operating unit
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Sample positioning is now even more precise - down to the micron.

And, with parameters set you can easily reproduce multiple sample cuts with the same alignment as the first cut.

EXAKT 300CP new operating unit
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Our EXAKT diamond band saws were specifically designed with those standards in mind, and we continue to make our users work life easier and safer. One of our latest innovations includes an upgrade to the EXAKT 300 and 310 models with a new sample positioning parallel guide and operating unit. 


CL Mode (Contact Line)

  • Precise and reproduceable automatic sample positioning in 5 µm steps
  • Freely adjustable display of target and actual sample position

CP Mode (Contact Point)

  • Easy adjustment of rotation angle 
  • Intuitive setting and monitoring of required parameters
  • Easy and reproduceable adjustment of rotation speed

Additionally, our sample holders are also as diverse as our client’s requirements.
We'll find the solution for your by making it easy to attach a large variety of sample shapes, sizes, and textures securely.


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