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Our machines are in use across the industry and offer a wider variety of solutions:

EXAKT for lubricants
Functional diversity through processing

Whether precision greases or precision oils, bonded coatings for high temperatures, specific hygiene requirements or highly stressed machine elements – the innovative high-performance or special lubricants are ideal for a wide variety of tasks at the highest level. Your development and production demands highly developed process technology. EXAKT Precision Three Roll Mills have been established in the manufacture of innovative lubricants for many years throughout the world.

EXAKT for adhesives
Functional diversity

Two-component adhesives for industry, conductive adhesives for electronic components or special adhesives or composite materials – highly specialized bonding technologies play a decisive role today in many manufacturing processes, such as for components in electronics or microelectronics, in aviation and aerospace, and the automobile and print industry. With their specific production processes, EXAKT Three Roll Mills achieve top results in all areas. They meet the high requirements of well known users from research and development.

EXAKT for elastomers and resins
Verifiably better stability

The Three Roll Mills from EXAKT achieve an outstanding quality of dispersions in the development and production of adhesives and resins. More efficient properties of materials are achieved due to the controlled shearing, such as plastic or elastic deformability, electrical conductivity, resistance or strength, e.g. with CFK (Pre-Preg). Narrow particle size distribution in the matrix ensures significantly higher fracture strength and performance of complex components in aviation and aerospace – a study at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg has proven this. 

EXAKT for sealants and silicones
Fulfills specific tasks

Whether in aviation and aerospace, in the field of renewable energies or in medicine – quite different sealing solutions are required depending on the application, which must be precisely matched to the various tasks. That's exactly what the processing of the EXAKT Three Roll Mills is aimed at. Our technological systems specifically refine silicone pastes, silicone oils and silicone elastomers, for example. They are used as insulators in electronic components or as aids in assembly, for instance. EXAKT Three Roll Mills have also been proven in the processing of pyrogenic silicon dioxide and carbon nanotubes.

EXAKT for nanocarbons
Bringing forward technologies of the future

Nanocarbons, especially carbon nanotubes or graphenes, are the basis of a variety of new materials and products, e.g. for modern lightweight construction, for solar cells based on fullerenes, or flame arresters in foams. EXAKT Three Roll Mills are crucially important in the research, development and production of this versatile material group. They enable high-precision dispersion down to the nano range with a defined, targeted and careful energy input.