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EXAKT thin section cutting technology
Micron-Precise sample preparation

EXAKT diamond band saws are based on outstanding precision engineering combined with matchless process technology. Only this way it is possible to cut the most diverse materials and material combinations. Whether it is for research, quality management or damage analysis: With our technology you will get an immediate assessment of complex components and their structures without having to carry out additional grinding and polishing steps.

EXAKT cutting and grinding devices make it all possible. Versatile in use, all requirements can be met in daily laboratory use.

Contact Line (CL)
Contact Point (CP)

Contact Line (CL) vs. Contact Point (CP)

The cutting technology named by us after Contact Line (CL) is the usual procedure for all band saws. Here, there is a line-like contact between cutting band and sample. This simple method is sufficient for a number of applications. However, in conparision to the contact point (CP) method, this method generates more friction due to the larger contact area between the cutting band and the sample. Higher feed forces are required for the cutting process and this results in higher thermal and mechanical stress applied to the sample. A lower surface quality and even structural damages can be the result. Furthermore, the cutting band will wear more quickly, too.

In contrast, the cutting technology named by us after Contact Point (CP) only shows a point-like contact between cutting band and sample. This is achieved by a especially designed, servo driven clamping fixture which is oscillating the sample in a rotary movement. Osciallating speed as well as the swing can be adjusted. This technology guarantess higher cutting speed, a superior quality of the cutted surface and less wear of the cutting band.








 Contact Point (CP)