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Exakt Advanced Technologies


The precision-machined EXAKT Ointment Mills and EXAKT Three Roll Mills have proven themselves in more than 30,000 pharmacies and compounding pharmacies worldwide for decades. They are in a sense »the template« for all Ointment Mills that are now available. With regard to their quality, EXAKT technologies are still one step ahead today. With an EXAKT Ointment Mill our customers are on the safe side for years.

A homogeneous particle size distribution and concentration – with which the active ingredients are dissolved in the ointment base – determine the effectiveness of suspension or emulsion ointments. The processing has a decisive influence on this. EXAKT Ointment Mills and Three Roll Mills provide outstanding, consistent shelf life for the finished product.


EXAKT Ointment Mill for pharmacies

Ointment Mills

50 Classic Pharma

  • Particle Finesness under 20 µ
  • Precise roller gap setting; prevents dry run 
  • Throughput up to 8 l/h at 20µ gap width
  • Chemically inert prcelain rollers
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • Space-saving tabletop model

50 EC+

  • Roller gap down to 10 µm
  • Precise gap setting; no dry run possible
  • Up to 5l/h throughput at 10 µm roller gap
  • Continuous adjustable roller speed
  • Changeable roller set
  • Ceramics or hard chrome plated

120 S PLUS

  • Roller gap down to 5µm
  • Precise roller gap setting; no dry run possible
  • up to 27.5 l/h throughput at 5µm roller gap
  • Set roller speed digitally
  • Ceramics (aluminium oxide) or hard chromed rollers
  • Precise setting with one hand, continuous and with scale

Tube fillers

  • Optional syringe adaptor for ointment tubes and syringes
  • 100 ml tube filler
  • Includes cylinder, plunger, M9 adaptor and stopper