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Exakt Advanced Technologies


The EXAKT cutting and grinding technology, with its roots in research, has been indispensable in a wide variety of applications in industrial production or medical research. Today, it's also in daily use in a large number of pathology and histology laboratories and departments.

Applications are as diverse as they are unique and our systems are in regular, daily use across the world - in veterinary medicine, implant research in the pathology departments of hospitals, industrial component failure analysis, materials research, or as part of quality assurance in production.

Discover the wide range of applications for our systems and the precision of our technology. You may find applications that seemed unattainable until now.


In medicine, the high-precision EXAKT thin section cutting system is used for the preparation of histological preparations, so-called thin sections, with a thickness down to 10 µm. Bone samples do not require decalcification retaining their cell information and morphology.

The method of Thin Section Cutting Technology is particularly important in studying interfaces of implant/bone, bone/cartilage etc. since those are prepared preserving their structure. Thus, they can be used for light microscopy techniques immediately. Among other fields, the system is used in the research and development of implants, stents, cardiac catheters, in oral pathology, dentistry, orthopaedics, veterinary medicine or immunohistochemistry.

It was developed in collaboration with Prof. Donath, Institute for Pathology at the University of Hamburg in 1987 and since then has proven itself to be unparalleled.


"For the quality assessment of electronic assemblies and components, mainly metallographic cross-sections are made in order to be able to reliably show details in the micrometre range. However, these cross-sections always show only a partial area of the joining zone of the actual connection. Of interest for the analysis are, for example, material composition, microstructure, distribution of phase constituents, as well as inhomogeneities such as blowholes, cavities and cracks. However, it is difficult to prepare larger areas of joining zones with layer thicknesses of a few micrometres in a plane-parallel manner. This problem can be solved with the EXAKT Micro Grinder 400CS."

Original Text in German by Fraunhofer-Institut für Siliziumtechnologie ISIT

Circuit boards quality

Silver sintered layer

Bond frames gold metallisation

Bond frames MEMS components

400CS Precision Grinder


Industrial thin cutting production commonly uses manual processes or machines with parallel processing of several samples at the same time. The EXAKT System offers a completely different approach focusing on the unique quality and reproduceability of results during individual sample preparation.


Thin sectioning is a two-sided grinding process of a specimen mounted on a glass slide and is the prerequisite for transmitted light microscopy. In the industrial practice of thin section production, manual procedures, or fully automatic machines with parallel processing of several specimens, at the same time are common. The EXAKT system takes a completely different approach and focuses on single sample preparation, the unique quality, and reproducibility of the results. The EXAKT system allows µ-accurate stock removal in the grinding process, achieves exceptional precision in plane parallelism and outstanding surface quality. Furthermore, the special measuring technology allows the processing of specular or highly reflective samples that cannot be processed with laser measuring systems.



Precise - Safe - Ergonomic - Sanitary

The EXAKT 302 and EXAKT 312 diamond band saws meet all of the above and the specific requirements in pathology and anatomy. Our saws make the thinnest cuts down to 1mm possible - free hand without the danger of harm to the operator. 
Soft tissue, bones or implants in bone-tissue composite - all this can be cut effortlessly, fast and safely. The quality of the cutting surface is exemplary so that the user can generally asses the section immediately without any additional processing of the sample.