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Our machines are in use across the industry and offer a wider variety of solutions:

EXAKT for Paints and Lacquers
Color with a defined objective

The current demands on paints and lacquers are complex – whether it is a question of functional structure or optimum color strength, flow properties or a defined particle fineness. Tailored to their function, the carrier material, the printing process or the further processing of master batches, paints and lacquers must be developed with a specific objective. EXAKT Three Roll Mills guarantee their users optimum process control and reliable reproducibility of the results. This applies, for example, to glass and ceramic paints, printing inks, UV inks or artists' colors as well as for electrically conductive thermoplastic or di-electric colors. 

EXAKT for Coatings
Highly specific in use

EXAKT Three Roll Mills are flexible in use and fulfill a variety of requirements and product characteristics.

In Thick-film technologies for instance, where it is used for sensor paste or for potentiometers. It also proves of value with Getter materials for closed components in electronics or semiconductor manufacturing.

Especially in production, EXAKT Three Roll Mills are characterized by absolute reproducibility and stable processes with unique manufacturing parameters. Key conditions for the evaluation and certification in quality management, SOP or GMP.