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Life Science

Our machines are in use across the industry and offer a wider variety of solutions:

EXAKT for chocolate & filling refining
Precise & Tasty

Refining: With the micron precision of our EXAKT Three Roll Refiner it is easy to achieve reproducible particle sizes and aromas in the production of chocolate and fillings. Convince yourself of the versatility of our systems, the low space requirements in comparison to 5-roll mills and the extremely simple and user friendly operation.

Whether in the lab or in production, individual formulations and recipes of highest quality are easily produced with EXAKT


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EXAKT for decorative cosmetics

When it comes to color brilliance, color effects and high color intensity, EXAKT Three Roll Mills offer significant advantages. For example, the primary particles are not damaged during the processing of metallic and effect pigments. Optimal process control and reproducible quality are a matter of course with EXAKT Three Roll Mills. They satisfy the strictest guidelines for quality assurance and are therefore GMP and ISO auditable. Major companies and brands benefit from EXAKT Three Roll Mills in the production of lipsticks, eyeliners, foundations and nail polishes.

EXAKT for the pharmacy
Ointments as they should be

EXAKT Three Roll Mills and Ointment Mills produce an excellent, homogeneous distribution of active ingredients at low temperatures during processing and in the implementation of recipes and formulations in dispensaries and compounding pharmacies. With more than 20,000 units on the market, for decades they have been the benchmark for quality in the production of suspension ointments and emulsions – reproducible and reliable. Active ingredient finenesses in the micrometer range enable high bio-availability and efficacy. Thus they meet pharmaceutical requirements in every respect. The quick and easy operation and cleaning of EXAKT Three Roll Mills comply with the working requirements of pharmacies.

EXAKT for the dental sector
Reliable process technologies

High wear resistance, optical properties and optimal processing in the dental practice – for the processing of dental pastes for prophylaxis, therapy and prosthetics, EXAKT Three Roll Mills ensure reliable, safe processing of a wide range of dental applications.  The production processes are validated, reproducible and have been proven in GMP and other certification processes. EXAKT Three Roll Mills are well established for impression materials, ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns, root fillings or contact films. The same also applies to dental composites and preparations with ZrO2, SiO2, glass and other inorganic particles.

EXAKT for the food sector
Developing new taste experiences

Whether it's the fillings of chocolates, chocolate, nut and almond creams, or in the development of formulations with colors and flavorings for food and drinks – fine and homogeneous processing of the ingredients has a decisive influence on the development of flavors, the taste experience and the qualitative perception of products. Besides quality, EXAKT Three Roll Mills stand for stable and controlled production with minimal labor and cleaning costs. High material purity and an efficient production volume are achieved by processing with ceramic rollers. They are also used in quality assurance in a wide range of products, fat-based masses or fillings. In conjunction with new ideas, EXAKT Three Roll Mills contribute significantly to product development.

EXAKT for histology, molecular biology and histochemistry
Analyzing tissue samples exactly

Every «µ» counts in the examination of histological tissue sections under the microscope. With its thin section cutting system, EXAKT has held a unique global position in the preparation of thin sections for more than 30 years. Especially for sensitive tissue and materials which must not be decalcified and cannot be cut, the system was developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Karl Donath from the Institute of Pathology Hamburg. It delivers constantly reliable and accurate results for the assessment of colored tissue samples. This also applies to immunohistochemical diagnoses on the basis of antibodies. This makes the system indispensable in orthopedics, in biomaterial engineering, in implant dentistry, cardiology and in dental medicine. EXAKT offers users a complete system from the preparation of a tissue sample up to the colored thin section. They acquire the necessary know-how in workshops or through individual consultation.

EXAKT for pathology, anatomy and plastination
Precise sample preparations for innovations

For more than 30 years, EXAKT has been involved in the research and diagnosis of bone, tissue, bone substitutes and implants. With this knowledge, we are able to support medical innovations in an optimum manner. We are able to meet the high demands on precise and gentle sample processing at all times, even for sensitive tissues and material combinations. EXAKT diamond cutting systems have a unique position - regardless of whether it is a question of perfect surfaces without deformations and breakouts, the avoidance of damage from heating or contamination of samples, or safe and easy handling or rapid cleaning. Fresh or embedded, titanium, bone or soft tissue, ablations or sample thicknesses of 100 µm - EXAKT cutting systems meet the requirements without limitation.